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Fish-Furniture Aquatic Ceramics
Fish-Furniture™ is original handmade ceramic furnishings for your aquarium or terrarium.

I'M SORRY, BUT THIS SITE IS suffering from a terrible case of neglect.  My wife and I have become enamoured with the fusing of glass and that's where our energies are being directed :)   Visit http://MoltenChaosStudios.com to see what we've been doing.  If you are interested in Fish-Furniture, let me know and I'll be more than happy to make you some!

Gary D. Amundson
Suzette Armande Hallbick-Amundson 
June, 2010

Fish Furniture

Fish-Furniture is handmade in the U.S.A. from porcelain or stoneware clays and fired to cone 10 (for durability) with food safe glazes and oxides.  It will last many years, and is easy toFish Furniture clean and disinfect.  Fish-Furniture may be safely used in all fresh or saltwater aquariums, terrariums and ponds. 

We make both tubular and hand built forms.  "Tubular" Fish-Furniture comes in round, square, hex and triangular shapes, many carved with various designs or textures.  These may be fused by us in various configurations from 1 to as many as the imagination can go... (or the limits of the clay are reached, OK... 6 is the biggest).  "Hand built" Fish-Furniture is formed using various techniques (sculpted, coils, slabs) and then textured as our moods dictate.

Every piece is intentionally made different, because as artists, it's no fun being repetitive ;)

If you are interested in what you see here or have a design in mind and would like to commission a piece, contact Gary at (949) 689-0828 or email: with your needs.